Chaoyang District

chaoyangChaoyang district is located in east of Beijing city, adjacent to western Dongcheng, Chongwen, Fengtai District, Haidian District, northern Changping, Shunyi District, eastern Tongzhou District, southern Daxing District, covering an area of ??470.8 square region km, with an average elevation of 34 meters, is one of the largest region in suburban areas.

Chaoyang district has resident population of 3.083 million, of which household population of 2,085,000, the immigrant population 998,000 by end of 2008. There are 23 sub-district offices and 20 townships. Chaoyang district with a long history was under the leadership of Guangyang Country from Qin to Sui Dynasties. Chaoyang district has many historical monuments. There is the largest Taoist temple, one of five forums-Ritan, one of three large ancient bridge-Baliqiao and so on. There are many famous attractions for tourism. There are a large number of tourists to take a tour every year to promote the development of Chaoyang tourism.

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